Abbott urges Australians to dob in ice dealers

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ruled out financial rewards for people dobbing in ice dealers but hopes they will do so out of a sense of duty.


The federal government has allocated $1 million to Crime Stoppers to expand a Victorian “dob in a dealer” campaign nationally.

“We need to mobilise against drugs”.  

The campaign has led to a 400 per cent increase in drug tip-offs.

“We need to mobilise against drugs,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane on Sunday.

He said lives were destroyed when people became enslaved to drugs and the federal government would do whatever it took to keep Australia safe.

Mr Abbott appealed to peoples’ sense of duty to help tackle the scourge of ice.

“We’re simply talking about giving more opportunity and encouragement to do the right thing by our community,” he said.


Labor senator Sam Dastyari said the announcement smacked of a “desperate stunt” from a government looking for a distraction.

“I thought there already was a hotline where you dob in a dealer, and that hotline is triple-0,” he told reporters in Sydney.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon described the measure as “window-dressing” unless safeguards such as witness protection were offered.

“Attacking the Mr Bigs of drugs, that’s important.”

Mr Abbott also signalled an announcement in coming weeks regarding laws on unexplained wealth.


“If for argument’s sake, you are living in the lap of luxury, but your occupation is that which would not normally produce that kind of lifestyle – they’re the sort of people that we need to have a good, hard look at,” he said.

“Attacking the Mr Bigs of drugs, that’s important.”

Justice Minister Michael Keenan is working with states and territory governments to slap tougher penalties on addicts who assault frontline health staff.

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